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“Vision is the ability to see when others do not.  With each project, I am deeply involved, collaborating with my clients to create environments that address their specific needs, and go beyond their expectations.”

Jay Levy Architecture designs and builds homes of the highest quality and excellence.  Under the design leadership of a consistent modern vision and approach, JLA creates functional, spatial experiences for enlightened clients. These homes are recognized for their clear organization and simplified, beautifully proportioned forms; open space and natural light; and exceptional details, materials, and finishes.

As a small firm, JLA is able to work closely with each client in the process of translating dreams into tangible form and space.  Architect Jay Levy personally designs and directs every project from start to finish, carefully attentive to each individual client’s requirements and lifestyle to ensure that each home, be it casual or elegant, graces and celebrates everyday living.

Prior to starting his own practice in 1996, Jay worked for 12 years under esteemed Modern masters influential in twentieth century art and design, New York architects Charles Gwathmey and Robert Siegel of Gwathmey Siegel Architects, and sculptor Isamu Noguchi. During this time, Jay defined his clear vision and sharpened his discipline within a Modern aesthetic.


Jay holds professional degrees from Columbia University and from Pratt Institute.  He taught courses in Abstract Visual Relationships for 12 years in the department of Industrial Design at Pratt Institute, further investigating visual relationships in space, as adjunct to his architectural design practice.


Along with his passion for architecture, Jay is an accomplished fine artist in both painting and sculpture.  Influenced by the synergies of art and design, he creates contemporary spaces rendered as art and works of art carved with spatial expression. To look more extensively at his work in the fine arts, visit

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